Alexandru Cînean is a young artist who suggest us a powerful, full of torments, troubling and significant work. The artist offers a reflection on human nature, the dangers of its intelligence and tautness of the soul. His brushstroke sometimes precise, sometimes more impulsive, witnesses the passion of the painter. From landscape to portrait, Alexandru Cînean use dark and dull or bright and violent tones allowing the viewer to immerse himself into the atmosphere of the canvas et to understand an idea of movement, tranquility or distress.

His recent project is inspired by the theatrical performance of “Faust” in Radu Stanca theatre in Romania. This subject explores man’s temptation and the possibility of salvation, illustrated by moving and upsetting paintings.

Prof.univ. Dr. Dhc. Jan de Maere

Faust: Vanity & Despair, 2015
Faust: Vanity & Despair, 2015
Radu Stanca
Un cavalier marche sur la alnde
Journal Roumain IV
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Waves of the Sublime
by Alexandru Cinean