Born in 1988 lives and work in Sibiu, Romania.
After graduating from high school of Art in Sibiu in 2007, attends University of Art and Design in Cluj- Napoca, where earned a BA in painting in 2010, and MA at the University of Art and Design in 2012. Noted for the quality of his work during the study, he is selected for a stay at Academia delle Belle Arti di Torino, Italy in 2008-2009 in the European Erasmus Project. In 2011 Alexandru Cînean is again the beneficiary of Erasmus, he chose to undergo a period of three months (November 2011-February 2012) in Belgium, at Thuin Gallery Antecedence/Ephemere.


Group Exhibition:

  • 2018 ” The Horse ” – curated by Noel Mckenna / Darren Knight Gallery/ Sydney/Australia
  • 2018 “Unity” -curated by Alexandru Constantin Chituță and  Alina Berbecaru/ Museum of  Bistrița-Năsăud/ Romania
  • 2017 “Frame the best”-event of the White Night of the Art Galleries(NAG)-Sibiu/ Romania
  • 2017 “9 Hours Underground”- curated by Kate Smith- Sydney Opera House/Opera house Cave Sydney/Australia
  • 2017 “Short Circuit”- curated by Alexandru Constantin Chituță and Alina Berbecaru/ Bistrița-Năsăud/ Romania
  • 2017 “Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow”-curated by Alexandru Constantin Chituță/ The City Hall of Sibiu/ Romania
  • 2016 “Equss” – Olsen Irwin Gallery curated by Kate Smith/ Australia-Sydney
  • 2016 “Short Circuit”-ASTRA County Library/Sibiu-Romania
  • 2015″ OH LIFE” – curated by Kate Smith/ Australia- Sydney
  • 2015 “Oran­gerie Flanderhof” – curated by Prof. Univ. Dr. D.h.c. Jan de Maere- Daia/Thalheim- Romania
  • 2014 “Pour le Plaisir “/ Prix Ephémère”Gallery Antecedence/ Ephemere – Belgium/ Thuin
  • 2012 Graduated exhibition Expo-Transivania,Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • 2012 Affinites Electives, un dialogue Belgo-Roumain” organize by Prof.Dr. D.h.c Jan de Maere and Dr. Mihai Oroveanu/ Belgium emabasy in Romania-Bucharest
  • 2012 Ensemble with Alexandru Cînean-Galery Antecedence / Ephemere-Belgium-Thuin,with support of ICR Romania and WBI Belgium
  • 2011 George Enescu-EBiennale- Palace Hall Bucharest, Romania
  • 2010 Graduated Transilvania Expo exhibition,Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • 2010 “Girl Talk” ‘, Casa Matei Gallery, curated by Vlad Comsa-Cluj-Napoca/Romania
  • 2010” Sensual, Erotic, Passionate “Clujest, curated by Andrada Tarța-Cluj-Napoca/ Romania-Paintbrush Factory
  • 2009 “Mostra alla fondazione Gaetano Morgese” Bari/Italy
  • 2009 “Codice di ET” Accademia delle Belle Arti di Torino/Italy
  • 2009, ” Scogliere” Accademia delle Belle Arti diTorino -Italy
  • 2007 Galeria X Future, Sibiu/Romania
  • 2007 “Attested ” Prelude Gallery –Sibiu/Romania
  • 2006 “Spring buds” organized by P.D . Sibiu/ Romania
  • 2005 Gong Theatre, Festival,, La Strada’’ Sibiu/ Romania
  • 2005 “Young artists program and European dimension fortress ” directed by Romanian¬-German University” Sibiu/Romania
  • 2005 “International year of physic, promoting physics through arts”- Sibiu/Romania
  • 2005 Rusciori/ Sibiu-Romania
  • 2004 “Line, Spot, Structure” Sibiu/Romania
Personal exhibition
  • 2019 “Waves of the sublime” – curated by dr. Alexandru Constantin Chituță and dr Dr. Alexandru Sonoc / Brukenthal Museum, temporary exhibition hall / Romania
  • 2019 “Faust: Vanity and Despair” – curated by dr. Diana Iancu and dr. Alexandru Constantin Chituță/ Oradea Museum/ Romania
  • 2016 “Faust: Vanity and Despair” – curated by Prof. Univ. Dr. D.h.c. Jan DE MAERE and Dr. Alexandru Sonoc – MB-XL Gallery/ Brussels-Belgium
  • 2016 “Faust: Vanity and Despair” – curated by Prof. Univ. Dr. D.h.c. Jan DE MAERE and Dr. Alexandru Sonoc – Brukenthal Contemporary Art Museum/Sibiu- Romania
  • 2012 “The Animal-Machine”, Artyourself Gallery, Bucharest-Romania
  • 2007 Gallery X Future, Sibiu/Romania


  • 2009 “Concorso Nazionale di Pittura Gaetano Morgese”-Italia
  • 2018 The Other Art Fair/ curated by Ryan Stanier, Rebecca Wilson/ London

Other activites:

  • Participation in the International Theatre Festival in Sibiu, Edition 13 “2006
  • Participation in the project ” Sibiu Plays Theatre”in 2006
  • Participation in the campaign ” no PVC in the historic town “Sibiu 2006
  • Participation in the festival art unconventional La Strada theatre”in 2005
  • Participation in the International Theatre Festival in Sibiu, Edition 12 “2005
  • Participation in the project “Sibiu Plays Theatre”in 2005
  • Participation in Project Plato in 2005 ” Culture, tradition, tourism and arts”, Sibiu/Romania

Creative camps:

  • 2005 Rusciori – Sibiu/Romania
  • 2006 Paltiniş – Sibiu/Romania

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